BUJNO Synthesis
ul. Dorodna 16, PL-03-195 Warsaw, Poland
tel.: +48 602 389 530
e-mail: synthesis@bujno.com.pl

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Custom synthesis is of primary importance in our business, which covers a diverse range of both innovative and traditional synthetic methods, such as:
  • metallation / alkyllithium, Grignard reagents, Rieke zinc etc.
  • transitions metals catalyzed cross-coupling, related transformation reactions involving platinum metals and other catalysts
  • wide range of catalytic reduction services
  • metals hydride reduction
  • modern and traditional oxidation process
  • ozonolysis
  • wide range of classical transformations.

BUJNO Synthesis was founded in 1993 and in 2003 was registrated as limited company. The company was founded by dr Krzysztof Bujno and first activities were trade and production of research chemicals. We started to manufacture wide range of heterocycles. Our area of activity has been expanded into the steroids and carbohydrate field. In order to satisfy demands of the modern market, company has been putting particular attention into development and introduction of new products and innovative manufacturing technologies.

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